Homeowner Tips for Selling from Re/max professionals realty of West Central Iowa

When you decide to sell your home, you can list it with a Real Estate Broker or you can sell it yourself. Many homeowners would not think of attempting to sell their home themselves, because they know selling your home takes more than a sign in the yard and newspaper ads.
A Real Estate Broker or Selling Agent will advise you on pricing, financing, home conditions, marketing and assist you in negotiating the sale.
Pricing: Proper pricing is crucial to the success of your home selling. If your home is under-priced, you could lose money. If your home is overpriced, buyers who are seeing comparable homes in your area may refuse to look at yours. Your Realtor can prepare a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) to help you determine the best price for your home.
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Financing: The interest rate and the financing available can influence the ability of your Realtor to sell your home. It is usually to the buyer's advantage to consider many financing options. Your Realtor is aware of what options are available in your areas, such s financial institutions, mortgage companies, or some plans may involve financing assistance from you, the seller.
Condition: A home that stands out from its competition will attract buyers. First impressions are very important and making some easy improvements can enhance your home's marketability. If they don't like it from the outside you can bet you are not going to get them inside! Make that front yard and door shine!
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Marketing: Your Realtor understands the market and is equipped to advertise your property both nationally, on the internet, and locally in the papers and buyers guides, and hold Open Houses for both the Realtors and the public.
Assists Negotiations: When you receive an offer, you can accept it, reject it or make a counter offer to the potential buyer. However, your Realtor is a skilled negotiator and can separate the serious buyers from the Lookie-Lou's. Many times, the first offer may be your best offer. Don't be afraid to accept it! If it sold right away it is because it was priced right- in good condition and the agent that sold it had probably showed the buyer 20 other homes and they were just waiting for yours. Listen to your Realtor… if they say it's a good offer, fair and it works out for you … take it! A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush!
The Closing: The Realtor will do the running when it comes to getting your abstract brought up to date, delivering it to the attorney for a title opinion, and having the deed drawn by your attorney. We will break down all the expenses showing the estimates of proceeds, pay off the taxes, mortgage, and pay for the expenses from your proceeds so when you get your check everything has been paid for. We will check on the buyer's financing to keep it going. We can help you arrange for pest inspections, home inspections, surveys, etc. We are there before, during, and after the sale. Before closing you need to sign the deed. That way you don't need to be present at the closing. It is helpful if you leave a letter of instructions if the home has something special the new owners would want to know about, including the sprinkler system, keys, furnace, etc.